Saturday, January 30, 2010

Links and Things

I think it's time for a link dump!

First we have some color theory, as presented by Wendy Carlos. This sort of plays off of my black and white conversion post from earlier, discussing color channels, various viewers, and colorblindness.

Jay Mark Johnson has a strange and unique photo taking method that creates images that end up looking something like this:

Photo Tuts+ shows us a quick and dirty way to "scan" film with a DSLR

Merill Photo has a horribly designed site,, where you can see photos taken with a huge array of cheap, outdated, and toy cameras. There is also some information about box and pinhole cameras.

For those of you not already familiar with Mark Jenkins, he is a sculptor/photographer who produces installations in urban areas that he then documents. They look something like this: posted an article, with video from TED, about the Academy Award winning Light Stage, which uses hundreds of lights and cameras to create incredibly accurate 3D models.

Peter Ross took photos of the belongings of William S. Burroughs in a manner that he aimed to be descriptive, almost narrative, of the author's life. This is the reason he shot the bottoms, not the top, of Burrough's shoes, for example. It was the bottoms that told the story, and were unique to his life.

Sam Javanrouh posts images every day on his award winning photo blog. An example:

Thats it for today, hopefully next week will be as fruitful!

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