Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Rich People Beginnings

Basically this started with an idea that was brought up on a long car ride some time ago, and I only recently realized I simply had to do it as an art project.

The premise of the conversation eventually went something along the lines of what sort of things the highest echelon of society do with all those expensive clothes they change out every season. The quote that sparked this endeavor was essentially, said in a completely sarcastic, faux aristocrat voice, "Oh dear, I seem to have spilled my wine all over your dress, ha ha"

In summary: a parody, mockery, or satire of the filthy rich (maybe jealousy?).

So for this event to happen we need to:

Hit up a thrift store or two the day before or rather early the day of.

Buy suitable well fitting clothes.

Buy boxed wine, squirt guns, and maybe fake money.

Head to lettuce lake park or similar venue before sunset and take glorious images.

Dress in fancy clothes, fill squirt guns with wine, ruin everything, all while photos are being taken. Act like affectatious rich white people.

Monday, October 22, 2012


Featuring my series "Attraction". No framed works were allowed, everything had to be pinned to the well. Here is a crummy cell phone shot of my work on the gallery wall:

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Return Inside Part 1

This series of images is the start of the work I am making towards my thesis show. These sort of represent... one half of a coin, per se. I am trying to create a dream-like, drifting or floating feeling, that of being lost and disoriented. The fantasy motif was mentioned, but frankly I do not mind it very much, if anything it only adds to the otherworldly nature of it. I hope it does not remove the viewer too far from the state of relateability however.

Now to get to work on unraveling my plague doctor character and overlapping these "worlds".


These images  are largely unplanned. I had taken a walk, in a sort of halfway delirious state, some days before these shots were taken. I went down to the marina with my boyfriend (a place of personal significance to me, though that is irrelevant to this shoot) and I recall being struck by certain images as I went, sort of congealing into my thoughts. I later took it upon myself to retrace my steps and see if I could summon up these spaces again. 

In the grand scheme of things, I think about these images in the sense of poetry - as invoking a mood or head space, visually immersive - which will hopefully, when viewed which my larger scope of images, create a sort of unified presence, each part informing the whole.
Fingers crossed.

Fixing a Warped Painting

So earlier I posted pictures of the large scale ink and gouache painting I had done, combining Chinese and Indian style idioms. I did the ink first, mounting the rice paper to a larger and firmer piece of rice paper using a rice-paste method which flattens and smooths out the lot of it, which can wrinkle quite a bit in the painting process. I then applied the gouache, hoping that it would be sturdy enough to take the application.

It wasn't, especially after I changed plans midway (from rainbow patterns to pure silver). The piece was left warped and wrinkled. So, not to be defeated so easily, I looked up methods normally used to flatten warped watercolor pieces, figuring that, though the rice paper was thinner, the ink was indelible. The only worrisome bit was the gouache.

The actual process was relatively simple. I got a large sponge and dampened the back of the piece, working from the inside out like I do to apply adhesives or whichever. I then sandwiched the painting between a couple layers of scrap newsprint on either side. I then put all of that between two pieces of hardboard and stuck a giant box of books on top of it. It did wonders. Some of the lake bits are still not perfectly flat, but I think that owes more to the layers of paint. Everywhere else is as flat as when I first mounted it.


Some comparison shots: